The Best One Of Sartorius: ENTRIS124-1S Analytical Balance

Analytical balance is one of the instrument or lab equipment which is very important, because this tool has a very high sensitivity.

Moreover, because the specifications which is capable of weighing the samples with high accuracy, this balance can be used for trading precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and other precious materials such as diamonds, of course, be used to weight the valuable material with high precision.

One vendor that is recognized because it has a high reputation for its product which is analytical balance, is Sartorius. With branches in 32 countries and distributed in three zones: the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific, increasingly confirmed that Sartorius is one of the best vendor for laboratory equipment, including analytical balance.

This time we will see one of main products from Sartorius, the analytical balance ENTRIS124-S.

Spesification and Price Of Sartorius Series ENTRIS 124-1S

Here are the specs of the analytical balance Sartorius ENTRIS124-1S :

  • Brand : Sartorius
  • Part Number : ENTRIS124-S
  • Maximum capacity: 120 grams
  • Resolution : 0.1 miligram or 0.0001 gram
  • Inside diameter : 90 mm
  • Item weight : 10.58 pounds
  • Total of dimension : 330.0 mm x 303.0 mm x 230.0 mm (height x length x weight)
  • Amazon price: $1,338.55 & FREE Shipping on eligible orders

Besides interesting specs above, the user can also specify material density by using a weigh below the hanger, or buy additional equipment for determining the specific gravity separately, which in turn will used at the balance pan.

Calibration will always be required when balance is transferred from one place to another, when first installed, or when it enters a specified calibration schedule, usually the policy regarding calibration schedule is determined by the user himself to maintain the quality of the weighing results. Because this is important aspect, then users can perform external calibration using weights scales 100 grams, which can be purchased separately, and is highly recommended.

How to do calibration on ENTRIS124-1S?

This balance can be calibrated easily, by following these steps:

  1. Press CAL button
  2. Put the weight scales 100 grams on a balance pan
  3. The external calibration weight is applied automatically.

In addition to an easy way of calibration, the balance also has the ability to weigh moving objects with thehigh accuracy, namely in the form of applications for dynamic weighing moving animals such as insects which is always move in balance pan.

More Fun With Counting Application

The user can determine the number of parts that each have approximately equal weight. To perform this, a standard material quantity is weighed first and the reference weight is calculated based on this result. Thus, the number of part subsequently placed on the balance can be determine from their weight.

Reliable for use in laboratories and balance can be cleaned easily

In accordance with its function as an analytical balance, this the balance can meet the needs of routine activities in the laboratory, such as for weighing samples, weighing standard, analysis or verification, so that lab personnel can have high confidence associated with the results obtained.

With the display panel is easy to understand, making it easy to operate, the entris series can support users activities very well.

Cleaning the the balance is quite easy because the door can be moved and construction made of stainless steel, rusty resistant.

Using high-tech microprocessor

By using high-tech microprocessors such as the unique robotic etched monolithic weigh cell, it is able to provide the balance weighing results faster because more responsive, in addition, the results provided are also more reliable, even when used to weigh on the ambient conditions are less than ideal.

Sartorius has made its first the balance in 1871, and currently uses the standard ISO 9001 and has had the CE mark. The World Record was also held by the company, as the world’s most accurate balance, incredible isn’t it? So there is nothing wrong if you take into consideration to choose this ENTRIS124-1S analytical balance to support your activities.

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